Download Game Keyboard apk For Android

Game Keyboard APK is a soft keyboard created for playing games which allow playing keypad only games with the help of your touchscreen. With this application, you can play touch-only/keypad-only games with a touchscreen, a mouse, or a flexible keyboard. It gives you the freedom and energy to play the game as you want. It allows you to change the way of playing the game.

Download Game Keyboard apk For Android

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Game Keyboard is first created as an add-on for emulators, but now it is compatible to be work with a lot of applications and games. Not all the devices and applications support this application, so it is recommended to test it during the trial. This tool helps you to play a wide range of keypad-only games with the assistance of the device’s touchscreen. It also allows you to enter cheat codes in various games, this depends upon your way of playing. This ultimate on-screen keyboard makes you able to change the general layout, size, and position of buttons as you demand.

This application offers to control various games in a way you like. Game Keyboard offers to control the games with:

  • A touchscreen.
  • An Accelerometer.
  • BluezIME Bluetooth controller.
  • Various Bluetooth keyboards.
  • A mouse.
  • Xperia play touchpad.
  • Virtual controllers imitate by 3rd party applications.

When a physical controller is needed, it is recommended to use BluezIME compatible controller for getting the best performance. Some of the problems will be solved with the rooting device.


Game Keyboard offers maximum freedom to control the game and comes with various attractive features. Some of its reliable features are:

  • QWERTY keyboard.
  • Save button.
  • It has the ability to control analog sticks with the help of keys.
  • Virtual mouse.
  • Allows to input text with a single click.
  • Allow using this tool with devices having no touchscreen.
  • On-screen gamepad with the multi-touch, resettable and configurable buttons layout, and more than 12 game buttons.
  • A Standalone mode which helps to reduce the need of switching the soft keyboard.

Game Keyboard helps you to control and play the game in any way which fits your style of playing the game. In order to download and install Game Keyboard apk for free, you just have to click the below button.

Download Game Keyboard.apk