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However in recent years dame s rocket has gone rogue moving from yards and garden plantings into the adjoining. Others still consider it an invasive weed.

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Native to eurasia dame s rocket is often cultivated as an ornamental and has naturalized in north america where it is now considered an invasive species.

Dames rocket flower. While popular in the flower garden it is also grown as a wildflower. It is a member of the brassicaceae or cruciferae family which makes it a close relative of savoy cabbage mustard kale broccoli and red cabbage. Dame s rocket hesperis matronalis is a tall short lived perennial which produces white pink or purple flowers in the spring.

Hesperis matronalis is an herbaceous plant species in the family brassicaceae it has numerous common names including dame s rocket damask violet dame s violet dames wort dame s gilliflower night scented gilliflower queen s gilliflower rogue s gilliflower summer lilac sweet rocket mother of the evening and winter gilliflower. Considered a noxious weed the plant has escaped cultivation and invaded wild areas crowding out native species. The seed pods of h.

Dame s rocket or hesperis matronalis is an annual biennial and at times a perennial erect plant that reaches up to 4 feet tall and 18 inches wide. For definitive identification collect seeds for evaluation by your local agricultural extension. Native fireweed chamaenerion angustifolium.

Dame s rocket hesperis matronalis herbaceous plant of the mustard family brassicaceae. The plant is a biennial or short lived perennial. Native to europe it was first brought to the united states in the seventeenth century as a plant valued for its ornamental importance.

Dame s rocket also known as sweet rocket in the garden is an attractive flower with a delightfully sweet fragrance. Dame s rocket is a native of italy but is now found in many parts of russia asia the. 4 5 mm 7 hook abbreviations.

Even the usda refers to it as weedy and invasive. Many of the names allude to its sweet scent likened to a mixture of clove and violet and to the time of day when that scent is released into the air. The dame s rocket plant is also known as hesperis matronalis and belongs to the brassicaceae plant family.

This family of plants includes arugula broccoli and mustard. Dame s rocket is certainly easy to grow. How to grow dame s rocket plants perennial biennial hesperis matronalis.

These plants are biennials or short lived perennials. Ch chain sc single crochet st stitch sts stitches sl st slip stitch to repeat the instructions between the two s the number of times indicated tr3tog treble 3 together for the purposes of this pattern the tr3tog is worked in one stitch it is not. Known for its colorful and fragrant blooms the plant has been a traditional garden favorite.

Dame s or sweet rocket dame s or damask violet rogue s or queen s gilliflower vesper flower mother of the evening. Bernat handicrafter cotton yarn worsted weight cotton yarn hook. Dame s rocket is a biennial which means it blooms in the second year of growth.

Matronalis are especially long and narrow another identifying feature.

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