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The meter will record how hard and how fast the patient can exhale in a single go after deep inhalation. The change in scale for peak flow meters will result in pef readings that are different depending on whether the individual has used a wright scale meter or the new eu scale meter.

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But if he already has a measured peak flow of 568 l min the percentage is 88 76.

Peak flow chart. Getting started start recording your peak flow now how to record your peak flow sections to fill in. Her estimated peak flow value would be 467 4 l min. His predicted peak flow value would be 639 948 l min.

Sometimes it is useful for health professionals to have a guide as to what peak flow could be expected from each individual if they didn t have asthma. If you have at least one tick a day three times a or if you ve asthma symptoms even. For each day e g.

A peak flow chart allows the doctor and the person with asthma to recognise the pattern of that person s asthma and see how it changes over time. Each page on this chart holds 8 weeks of peak flow readings. An adult has much larger airways than a child and needs the larger range.

There are several types of peak flow meters available. Research has shown that the shape of the chart has an effect on how the pattern appears. Highest of three peak flows.

Peak expiratory flow rate normal values for use with eu en13826 scale pef meters only adapted by clement clarke for use with en13826 eu scale peak flow meters from nunn aj gregg i br med j 1989 298 1068 70 in me n readings up to 100 l min lower than predicted are within normal limits. Let s take for instance the case of a female aged 32 with a height of 175cm. Measuring your peak flow when you feel well will establish your normal or best peak flow.

For women the equivalent figure is 85. 1if you experience any of these warning symptoms put a tick in the box for that day. It is important to remember that everyone is different and you should be guided by what is normal for you.

Peak flow meters come in two ranges to measure the air pushed out of your lungs. Keeping these records can help you work with your doctor to keep your asthma action plan working. Each morning and evening record the.

Su for sunday there is a white column for your m orning peak flow and a grey column for your evening pea k flow. Peak flow tracking chart peak flow monitoring is part of the ongoing process of managing your asthma tracking your peak flow helps you become aware of the changes in symptoms triggers and even in the way your body responds to medication. A chart called a nomogram can be used to estimate your predicted peak flow if you are male or female your age and height.

A low range peak flow meter is for small children and a standard range peak flow meter is for older children teenagers and adults. A peak flow chart monitors an asthmatic condition by tracking the maximum flow i e the peak rate at which the patient can blow into a peak flow meter. Many different charts are available in australia for recording peak flow.

Or in the case of a male aged 27 with a height of 186 cm.

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