Stamen Of A Flower

The stalk is also called a filament. The stamen is a male reproductive organ of a flower.

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Within the anther reside the microsporangia which will ultimately develop into pollen grains.

Stamen of a flower. A stamen is the male reproductive organ of flowering plant species that produces pollen. Anthers are usually compartmentalized and contain the pollen grains microgametophytes. Stamens collectively called the androecium are the male parts of the flower.

Each microsporangium contains pollen mother cells. Collectively the stamens of a flower are termed the androecium and the. Filament derives from classical latin filum meaning thread.

The male reproductive part of a flower is referred to as the stamen and consists of the filament and the anther. The stamen has two parts. The anther contains microsporangia.

Stamens are composed of saclike anthers microsporangia and filaments which are stalks that support the anthers. The stamen is comprised of an anther which is connected to a filament pictured below. These undergo meiosis and produce pollen grains which contain the male gametes.

The filament is a stalk like structure that attaches to the base of the flower and. Stamen is the latin word meaning thread originally thread of the warp in weaving. Anther derives from french anthère from classical latin anthera meaning medicine extracted from the flower in turn from ancient greek ἀνθηρά feminine of ἀνθηρός flowery from ἄνθος flower.

It produces the pollen.

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