February Birth Flower

The february flower is violet. March daffodil jonquil the march birth flowers are the daffodil and the jonquil.

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These are in fact the violets irises and primroses.

February birth flower. The february birth month flowers a re the violet and the primrose. This purple hued bloom is a symbol of modesty faithfulness and virtue. The february birth flowers are the violet and primrose.

Violets are named for their blue purple color but also come in blue yellow and cream. Violet iris and primrose. Violets signify watchfulness loyalty and faithfulness.

While most of us immediately relate red roses with the month of love they aren t actually the february birth flowers. The february birth flower is violet. Folklore tells us that attis a.

While it might seem like the obvious choice the birth flower for february is in fact the violet. This is a low herbaceous plant that comes in various shades of blue mauve yellow and cream as well as several species identified as pansies and symbolize faithfulness humility and chastity. Violets have been around for centuries and were first cultivated by the greeks around 500 bc.

Team petal republic 2020 03 18. The official birth flower for may meanings symbolism. There are two february birth flowers the violet and the primrose.

Birth month flowers and their meanings. Retrieved january 28 2010. What are the february birth flowers.

Today there are almost 500 species of violets that belong to the genus viola. Leeds lois march 23 1944. February s birth flowers are the violet and primrose.

Give a violet to someone to let them know you ll always be there for them. The other february birth flower is the primrose which lets someone know you can t live without them. Birth month flower of february the iris.

The violet has appeared in myth paintings and literature in history. With valentine s day celebrated on the 14th you could be forgiven for assuming that february s birth flower is the rose. Learn more on the february birth flowers page.

While many relate red roses with february thanks to valentine s day on the 14th the violet is actually the february birth flower.

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